Ops srl Oleodinamic Prenumatic Systems


OPS is able to satisfy the growing desire on the part of customers, to acquire from a single source materials of different types and finding from stock products not of easy commercialization.

OPS , located in the industrial area of Trieste , is a well-established presence in the area , as well as being a reference to the demands of the non-European markets.

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Ops for over 20 years working in the field of industrial supplies , in the hydraulic systems and automation. With an ever-expanding , ops offers a wide range of products of the leading companies on the market.
OPS performs immediate crimping hose until 2 ” and 6 spirals , the design of power plants and hydraulic systems and electro . Conduct analysis and treatment of hydraulic oils , flushing , repairs, maintenance and assembly of new impianti.
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The activity is aimed to satisfy a claim of inherent supply industrial plants , iron and steel , chemical , petrochemical and naval ; In addition , in-house or with our patners commercial , we are able to create custom products for specific customer needs.